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Im new in Bergen.

Lagt inn: lør 04.11.2017 kl. 15.21
av nokash
Hello. I'm Marcin. Im new in Bergen. I will live here for a few months. I'm collecting xwg. And I want exchange few of it. Does any one have and want exchange?
Maybe someone doesn't know what's xwg.
I'm explain. Xwg is little collectible wood coin. For example like this: ... 49-001.jpg

Re: Im new in Bergen.

Lagt inn: søn 19.11.2017 kl. 16.05
av ArveAnd
Hi and welcome to Bergen!

xwg or wood coins are not so popular in Norway so I dont think anyone in Bergen has made their own ones. It might be someone how collect, but I dont know. I recommend that you try to go to an event and meet with the geocachers here in Bergen! It might be that you can get someone interested in collecting wood coins!