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This subforum is for discussion in English
 #1624  av DaveofNorway
 mandag 3. november 2014 kl. 19.32
Saw this English section looking very lonely and felt I better change that!

Hello to you all.
I started geocaching around Bergen fairly recently and I am enjoying it very much. Placed my very own cache just yesterday also and plan to add many more over the coming days and weeks.
So far its been a great way to discover new places (and revisit some old favourites) and get some acheivements along the way.

Many thanks to Kawlii for making me aware of this forum site, I will spend some time later on decrypting the Norwegian within it!
 #1641  av DaveofNorway
 mandag 24. november 2014 kl. 18.53
Thanks :)

I will try to make these events, just have an issue with my feet right now and have even had to take two weeks off work because of it!
Thats the price for being addicted to these mountains! :roll:
Still managed to do some "drive by" caches , much to the annoyance of my wife :D